Hello, my name is Tammy Barnyak. I am what makes up Photography by Tammy Jean. I am a wife and a mother of 3 boys. I have always had a love for photography, even at a very young age. Just in the past few years, I realized that I should put my passion to work for me. You know what people say, “if you are doing what you love for work then it’s not work at all”. My family, for many years, have been the subjects for my photography, with a lot of grunts and groans to go with it. I always remind them that someday they will be happy that I took as many photos as I did. Right now they will probably disagree with that point, but guaranteed it will happen.

When it comes to my photography, the passion that I feel when creating a beautiful photograph is like no other. I get so much joy from seeing the expressions of people when they first see the finished product, and how I have captured them and their memory. I am probably my own worst critic and always feel that I can improve my skills in someway. That is why I do webinars on a weekly basis and do classes online when I see a new technique that I would like to use. I am also open to suggestions and ideas from my clients. I want to create a photograph that captures your style, something that will bring a smile to your face and you will cherish for years to come.